Family friendly with a side of Augmented Reality

When Pokémon Go – the Augmented reality ‘catch ‘em all’ game launched, our local pub was already pretty family friendly however, by sheer luck they were also slap bang next to a Pokestop (where players could find rewards).

Over the summer we found it increasingly difficult to find a seat outside, as their garden filled up with families enjoying not only their AR game but also good old fashioned outdoor fun and great food. Of course we can’t say it was all because of the AR (Their macaroni cheese is spectacular) but we could see parents and children enjoying time together and spending money on food and drinks in the meantime!

Our recent partnership with Beefeater is a great example of mixing old and emerging technology to enhance the customer experience whilst keeping the kids occupied between the moment you’ve persuaded them try something with veg and the fallout because there are two too many peas!