Make yourself more attractive with Augmented Reality

No, not filters……..  Interaction.

We know that a tablet or phone is a great way to get kids to sit still for 5 minutes but it’s also a great way to get them on the move, searching for clues and characters in an Augmented Reality treasure hunt or adventure.

REVEAL was marketed as an ‘active reality adventure’ in Kings Lynn, featuring a trail of Augmented Reality markers. Although somewhat limited in its AR functionality, the REVEAL project is still a great example of how artists and attractions can work together, using emerging technologies to encourage audience interaction. Great innovation from the team at Collusion and great vision from the team in Kings Lynn by recognising engaging technology as a route ahead and going for it.

Taking that interaction one step further was one of our recent Augmented Reality partnerships. Milton Maize Maze included a number of our ‘Mystical’ Augmented Reality Characters in their annual maze to bring their 2018 theme to life. The advantage they had over the Kings Lynn project was that by using the Powered by Mardles app their participants didn’t need a data plan or WiFi to bring the characters to life. You can see more about the project here.

We’re currently working with the team at Fife Council  to develop an AR tourist trail funded by Fife Cultural Trust. Keep an eye out for our updates on LinkedIn.

So if you’re looking for an activity to engage your customers, get them exploring more of your real estate or visiting specific areas using an augmented reality treasure hunt, why not talk to us?